Trading Club

International Trading Club for Investors

Trading Club for Investors provides account and asset management services for our clients and established a Live Trading Room for our members. Our community works with interested clients internationally.

Trading Club for Investors has been primarily founded in order to associate and support investors operating in capital markets and asset management. We organize private support and education of investors.

Our membership is used by persons, who are interested to gain more information about Forex exchange market opportunities.


Asset Management

Asset ManagementFor investors who lack the time and inclination to trade by themselves, we provide asset management services on Forex – the international foreign exchange market.


  • 1-5%┬áprofit per month (12-60% p.a.).
  • Deposits start at 10.000 EUR.
  • Your money are always accessible.

asset management

Live Trading Room

Live Trading RoomWatch as we trade live. Access the trading desk and copy our trades. You see the entry, the placing of the stop losses and profit targets on the screen.


  • We trade intraday positions.
  • Average profit of 10 – 20 pips.
  • Long-term positive success.

live trading room

Support & Education

Support & EducationTry our support & education program. For those interested in professional trading we offer individual consultation and mentoring.


  • 3 months of intensive training.
  • Ability to read Market Profile and Volume charts.
  • Information how to trades as big corporate.

support & education

Free Forex Signals

free forex signalsFor Basic members. By registering you will have access to daily updated prediction levels that we use for our own trading.


  • Daily access to predictive level.
  • 1 per month access to our Live Trading Room.
  • 1 per month access to our Educational Webinar.

free forex signals